Learn NumPy: Why, What, and How

Every Tuesday, I’ll write about topics in Data Analytics and Data Science. These can be particular packages, specific analyses, or even mini-projects.

This week, I want to talk about NumPy, the backbone of all data analytics in Python. Using NumPy, you can do things like:

  • Perform an operation on a whole array

  • Broadcasting – using different arrays of different shapes

Here are a few tutorials to get started with NumPy:

  • NumPy tutorial (Stanford’s CS231n): A tutorial starting all the way from basic Python operations to advanced SciPy operations involving images.

  • Interactive tutorial: Great if you’re just starting out with Python and need a play-by-play environment

  • Replacing loops using arrays and NumPy: A more advanced article about how to replace loops using arrays. Beyond a certain number of iterations, you’re going to need to do this. It’s a great habit to get used to.

  • NumPy Cheatsheet: Great reference for when you’re deep into project work.