Summer of Learning 2019 Kickoff

One of my projects last year was “a summer of learning” where I wrote for 6 days, 10 weeks about what I was learning. This included learning from books, people, peers, Chicago, and my internship. There were guest posts, videos, and a few other bells and whistles. Looking back at last year, this was easily one of the highest value-add projects to my life. Not only did it force me to put my thoughts on paper, it exposed me to people with different POVs that we eager to debate on the topics that they were passionate about!

In that spirit, I am going to be doing another summer of learning-style project this summer. The frequency and length will be the same – 6 days for 10 weeks. But I want to change up the content. Books, peers, and Chicago have continued to be influential for me, so these categories are probably here to stay. I may play around with the others.

As I did last year, I will flesh out the details leading up to start date of 1st July.

In the meantime, you can follow my work at the usual blog and follow me on Twitter.